The Confident Communication Center provides a variety of services.

From traditional assessment & treatment; to parent workshops and corporate consultations.

See how The CCC, LLC. can help.

Speech & Language
Game Plan

A 1:1 consultation to determine a plan of action addressing speech and language concerns. Meeting includes detailed recommendations from a licensed speech language pathologist.

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Caregiver, Educator, or Parent Workshops

Do you have a special interest group? From nonprofits, to government agencies, The CCC, LLC. can tailor a presentation specific to your needs. Session times range from 30-90 minutes.

Suggested Topics:
Developmental Milestones for Communication
Public Safety/Social Skills for Teens on the Autism Spectrum
Trauma and Its Implications on Pediatric Communication Development
Mindfulness Practices for Caregivers
and more

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Children’s Media Consultation

The CCC, LLC. is available for research projects related to children’s media development.

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